This portrait-series on young women brings up questions on the truthfulness of the photographic medium, the role of the viewer as well as on the interrelationship between subject and surroundings in Photography. In some of the portraits, the eight women are photographed in their own living environments, in others, they are seen in the spaces of other, sometimes wholly unknown, women. It is up to the viewer to connect person and surroundings with each other. What does one truly learn about a person when seeing their photographic likeness? Can there be an authentic portrait? Can a portrait that is set in private surroundings express more than one set in a studio? Can I, as the photographer, keep an impersonal distance and yet, at the same time, bring a part of me into the picture – is this sort of depersonalizing retreat possible at all? These and other questions on the subjects of living space and photography were discussed and recorded. 

(selection of 60 portraits, 2015 - 2016)